I Want a Doberhuahua

Thank you Audi.

Thank you for showing the world what we have been missing.

The Doberhuahua.

Audi commercials have broken out of the typical black and white box into the world of imaginary Technicolor. Most high-end car commercials promote a sleek, elegant, and unattainable product. Devoid of any narrative or whimsy, most car commercials leave you feeling inadequate. Those fictional fairy tale world targets the exclusive upper class market. 

This year, Audi utilized their Super Bowl spot to display an unseen humorous side of this luxury brand. For once, their commercial did not have a racetrack, aerial shots, or a bombshell with a checkered flag. Modern commercial advertising has taken a new tone. Commercials are comical, sarcastic, and uniquely mythical. The out of box, impossible advertisement are the most effective. Instead they appealed to the whimsical aspect of advertising creating the terrifying, yet lovable Doberhuahua.

The commercial creates a Frankenstein style monster of a dog. Mixing a doberman and Chihuahua, Audi illustrates the ineffective idea of compromising.  Through clever symbolism, Audi takes a platform against compromise. Customers should not settle for half of what they want.  Blending two boring ideas gives birth to an unintended, unwanted product. Instead they urge us to crave something new. Something that we did not know we wanted. Something they are expensive product worth the cost because, when it comes to their cars, comprising to be second best is not an option. 

This commercial was hilarious, creative, but most importantly effective. Days later the Super Bowl, I remember the game, Peyton’s terrible execution, Seattle’s impenetrable defense, and this Audi commercial. It successfully burst their pretentious bubble of exclusivity and luxury, making Audi a more approachable brand. 

Audi is still a massively unaffordable. Regardless of the commercial appeal, the cost of this car exceeds the average American’s budget.  Yet this commercial made it a more likable brand. A Doberhuahua is an impossible achievement. An Audi is not.

Does this advertisement change your opinion about the Audi?


Audi 2014 big game commercial – doberhuahua [Web]. (2014). Retrieved from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zl0zw1YVZd4

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