Facebook’s Ten Year Anniversary…Yay?

Congratulations Facebook! You made it an entire ten years without fizzling into the background like Myspace. This week marks the Tenth anniversary for Facebook’s existence since February 4th 2004. Over this past decade Facebook has diversified the way that people interact with one another, it inspired change for how we share content, scared us into being extremely aware of privacy, it carried the voices of the people a few years ago in Tunisia during the Arab Spring revolution, and Facebook has ultimately forced radical change among the business-to-consumer culture, methods of interaction, and communication around the world.

Personally, I feel like I have had a strange and weird relationship with Facebook. I am absolutely embarrassed when I look back at my posts from 2004-2006, full of over-used “lol’s”  and way too many smiley faces for anyones own good…those two Facebook years were really rough. Though I am not totally proud of the way I have used Facebook, I am impressed by its longevity as a social media hub and by the surprising amount of impact it has had on the world.

“Socializing the people around the world when they are online was something we hadn’t had before,” said Brian Blau, research director for consumer technology at Gartner. “Yes, Myspace was popular, but not in the way Facebook is. Getting more than a billion people to do something at the same time on a regular basis is a task that virtually no other company has ever achieved.”

The increase in social media platforms, most of which were inspired by the success of Facebook has forced brands to rethink how they deal with customers. The speed at which news travels on the internet is so fast that even the slightest negative comment about a customer experience can damage the credibility of any brand, if it’s not promptly addressed. It’s because of this that companies have created entire teams dedicated to social media interaction and protection.

On the flip side to potential company shame and brand disaster, Facebook also offers exactly the opposite outcome if approached correctly. The best social media campaigns have allocated advertising budgets to developing creative and interactive messages that inspire communication between the brand and the consumer. Successful businesses know how to maximize their assets and avoid cold contact communication methods, and rather shift to inviting consumers to have a conversation with the brand’s unique personality.

Here is a link to an article by Fast Company, it provides a list of short videos highlighting the five best Facebook campaigns since its start in 2004.


Though Facebook has made significant impacts on how we communicate with one another, inspired social growth, and changed the way businesses approach consumers around the world, I think we still need to ask ourselves if Facebook is just as valuable to brands as it once was? Are people still using Facebook like they once did? Do people still care about posting status updates/reading status updates? Will Facebook have the strength to withstand another ten years of technological and social change?

Please comment and share where you think the future of Facebook is headed.

Retrieved from: http://mashable.com/2014/02/04/facebook-changed-the-world/

5 thoughts on “Facebook’s Ten Year Anniversary…Yay?

  1. Interesting article.. I had no idea Facebook turned 10 this week! It’s crazy to think about all it has achieved and how far its come… but also, Facebook can arguably be deemed as the perpetrator for the internet addiction most of us today have fallen victim to. While it has brought many new opportunities for both company and consumer, its made us more of a digital society, and I wouldn’t argue that it’s for the best.


  2. I know that Facebook advertising is effective, but I’ve never really understood why. I’ve always thought people in our generation have been trained to automatically tune out the advertisements and pop ups, so it surprises me that they’re effective at all. In the link to the five best Facebook campaigns though, I didn’t recognize a single. Maybe I’m just not paying enough attention.


  3. I would agree that Facebook has definitely added to the internet addiction problem that our society has. It is so easy to just go on Facebook whether is be on our phones or laptops. I would argue that while Facebook makes us more connected it definitely also makes us less social.


  4. I hope Facebook doesn’t fade into the background like Myspace or other social media services. The potential behind Facebook has so much to offer, I like to think future generations will continue to see that. If it does continue being so heavily used moving forward, it is crazy to think that we will have an online scrapbook of our entire lives. Will my grandkids still go on Facebook and see their grandpa making questionable decisions in his twenties? I hope so.


  5. Facebook will inevitably fade into the background, but for now and potentially the next ten years it will still continue to stay relevant. That being said it is a great place/outlet for companies to advertise using media campaigns. It is cheap and with the right tools ads can be tailored to only target those who are interested in them. Though with peoples abilities to share their opinions it can also be detrimental to companies as their products and services can be easily and widely shamed in a matter of seconds.


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