Esurance’s 1.5 million dollar giveaway put a technological twist on sweepstakes as we know them. Actor John Krasinski starred in a television commercial announcing the #EsuranceSave30 sweepstakes which aired following the conclusion of last Sunday’s Super Bowl. The rules to enter were simple: tweet #EsuranceSave30 for a chance to win the money.

Much of the public was a little bit confused by the hashtag, not fully understanding the meaning behind it. The after-game Super Bowl commercial was Esurance’s first piece of national advertising during a major media event. In order to keep with their seriously efficient approach when it comes to insurance, the company chose to purchase air time immediately following the game, as opposed to during it (PR Newswire, 2014). This time slot allowed the insurance company to save a total of 30% compared to an in-game advertisement. The thirty percent savings was equal to one and a half million dollars, hence, the #EsuranceSave30 hashtag.

By Monday morning, 2.39 million people had entered the sweepstakes. 200,000 of those entries occurred within one minute of the commercial airing. The campaign produced approximately one billion impressions and the Esurance twitter account gained a whopping 146,100 followers (Schultz, 2014).

Nancy Abraham, Esurance’s Vice President of Advertising, says, “Every piece of this was about communicating our strategy of being a company that’s designed for life in the modern world — for those people who live their life online who want to do business with a company that is fast and efficient (Schultz, 2014).”

Esurance’s Vice President of Marketing, Darren Howard said, “Twitter is a smart, modern way for people to communicate, and millions of people are using it. It’s the perfect way for Esurance to conduct this major giveaway over a short time period, connect with those fans and offer them a chance to win $1.5 million dollars. The ease of use and the speed with which Twitter enables people to connect and share experiences parallels Esurance’s incredible efficiency in revolutionizing the way consumers shop for and buy insurance, with car insurance quotes that can be completed in only 7.5 minutes (PR Newswire, 2014).”

Esurance says the main goal of the popular campaign was to increase brand awareness amongst the public. I think anyone with a twitter account can agree that Esurance was extremely successful. The vast majority of the population had an overwhelmingly positive response to the campaign. Personally, my twitter feed was bombarded with tweets using the #EsuranceSave30 hashtag.

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Schultz, E. (2014, February 3). Behind Esurance’s $1.5 Million Twitter Giveaway | Special: Super Bowl – Advertising Age. Retrieved Feb 4, 2013 from http://adage.com/article/special-report-super-bowl/esurance-s-1-5-million-twitter-giveaway/291472/

2 thoughts on “#EsuranceSave30

  1. Interesting article, I remember when this advertisement played and I was also a bit confused by the hashtags. Never the less, I also think it was an excellent idea to place their advertisement at the end of the Superbowl opposed to during the game, saving them 30%. That is hard to beat, plus I personally don’t like the idea of spending millions of dollars for ad space. I think companies can and should be more creative with their time and money.


  2. I didn’t even watch the game but seeing the influx of #Esurancesave30’s bogging down my Twitter feed got me to look it up and see what the fuss was about. In that regard I think they managed to get even more coverage as everyone spread the information even further


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