Targeting the Average Consumer in a New Way

One huge new thing in the world of Advertising is what is known as “participatory marketing” which is the idea that people are not just passive recipients of messaging but instead they are active producers and distributors of brand content of all kinds.

This announces the five finalists of the contest and shows how the audience is literally involved in the commercial in that we are allowed to vote for the winner. It makes the average consumer, even those who are not participating in the contest itself feel as though they are involved in the process.

As we all know, the Super Bowl is probably the biggest day of the year for football, but it is also huge for advertising and for this new advertising strategy: Participatory marketing.

Doritos Super Bowl commercial “Crash The Super Bowl” contest has been one of the most successful consumer generated content campaigns in the game.

This is one example of the Crash the Super Bowl commercial finalists.

Beginning in September 2006, Frito-Lay made the decision that Doritos brand would not air the standard agency-made ads in the next coming up Super Bowl. So… they went ahead and aired “Crash the Super Bowl,” which is a contest that lets people create and then upload their own Doritos ads. The winners would air during the Super Bowl and could win 25,000 each.

This is another one of the Finalists of the contest.

Overall, I think Doritos has done an amazing job in allowing “the regular consumer” to become engaged in their advertising and overall with their brand. For the first time, Doritos aired commercials that encouraged its audience to vote in the contest. Consumers are literally engaged every step of the way, they are encouraged to enter the contest, to vote for it, to tweet about it, and to overall spread the word through social medias.

Overall, I feel as though Doritos did an amazing job with their marketing strategy. They were able to get people involved and still have an amazing and funny commercial. It’s something that chip commercials usually do not take partake in, and even though Doritos are my favorite chip and I may be biased, I still think the marketing technique was a success.

It’s common knowledge that people like to feel included, they like to feel as though they matter and that their opinion counts. This is why so many people like voting shows like X-Factor, The Voice, or So You Think You Can Dance. These shows allow their audiences to literally be part of the decision making process, and I think it’s incredibly smart that Frito-Lay has decided to try this strategy in the commercials.



Burstein D, David. 2014 February 3. 5 Lessons in Participatory Marketing From Doritos “Crash The Super Bowl and CMO Ann Mukherejee. February 4, 2014.

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