Digital Storytelling is Everywhere!

Digital storytelling comes in many different forms. One main outlet for digital storytelling is YouTube, no surprise there. Everyone tells stories on a daily, but with thanks to technology it has created a different outlet for everyone to use their creativity through storytelling. Blogging is another popular outlet. Children are also learning to digital story tell in some schools here in the United States. I think it is great that there doing that in order to keep up with technology. Digital storytelling is also a great way for people to tell a story using music, text, photos, and more. Some digital storytelling is done through obvious forms such as film, and art. It is really important for children to learn how to be creative at a young age. If we teach kids how to do this it will help them learn to become more creative thinkers. This video shows elementary students using a Mac computer program to create there digital stories.  Do you think this could be negative for children to learn at such a young age, or is it only positive?

But when I personally think of digital storytelling this video comes to mind…

Marriage proposals have been popular on YouTube for a while now. This proposal was an awesome, heartfelt, and definitely took a lot of time to create. It was unlike any other proposal I have seen on YouTube. Flash-mob is becoming overplayed, but this video was recently done and we may see more like this soon. Justin Baldoni created this 27 minute proposal. Yes, I know 27 minutes seems like a long time but, I bet you watch every second of it. He takes you through some precious memories that they have shared throughout their time together. I have to say my favorite part is when him and his friends dance to the classic, “I’ll make love to you” by Boyz II men. Who doesn’t love some Boyz II Men. He really outdid himself by bringing her family there. What makes this good storytelling is that it is not predictable and it has a meaningful outcome.


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4 thoughts on “Digital Storytelling is Everywhere!

  1. I think digital story telling is a great, creative outlet to get a message seen and heard by a lot of people. But in the same aspect, your most private and personal moments (like a marriage proposal) is no longer private…it’s all over the web for EVERYONE to see….so where is the fun in telling people how you got engaged for example…I don’t know, I’m just a bit indifferent about it. As for the kids situation, yes its great that they are leaning new technology at such a young age; but again, where is the privacy…are these teachers putting their students digital stories online without the parents consent because I’m supposing the kid isn’t 18 years old. good article though.


  2. I absolutely love that proposal video! It’s amazing how digital technology has transformed how we go about social conventions, such as marriage and proposals, that have been around for centuries.


  3. It is crazy how digital storytelling reaches so many spheres – both personal, business, and private realms – to touch different audiences. I never really thought of people who put their proposals in a digital form as storytelling so that was a very good point. I also think its interesting how it’s nearly an “expectation” for proposals to at least be photographed. There are so many types of media that can be used for this!


  4. Digital storytelling is a really interesting new medium. It can be used in so many different ways, across so many different platforms. It’s cool that Loyola has a program in digital storytelling.›


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