Dayre, the new Twitter+Instagram+Vine?

Have you ever thought of an smart phone app, which is pretty much a combination of Twitter ,Facebook, Instagram, and Vine? Well, there you go, I introduce you the latest smart phone app which allows you to blog a mini blog post with 500 limited word counts, pictures with a 500 characters, short video, and even post a cute sticker or animation on Dayre.

People like me with busy schedule everyday, every night, probably would care less on blogging my personal lifestyle with the social media. The time to log on to computer and post a complicated and long post on blog, sometimes, is pretty time constraining. With the latest invention, which is Dayre, really do make my life easier. One of the problem that I faced whenever I go on twitter is the word limits they provided. The limited 140 characters give me a lot of trouble to post a longer post on twitter. What is fun about this app is, they gives us 500 character for one post. Which I am really excited about is that it’s fast, really easy to use them, and they have more characters than Twitter!


Let’s talk about the app’s features:

– First of all, like I said it  earlier, it has 500 characters for you to post your thoughts or your confessions. Compare to twitter, you get to post more senctnces and words on Dayre.

– And next, they even provide filters for your photo. Which works exactly the same as Instagram. Being a typical Asian like me, I would probably snap a couple shots of my selfie, the food I eat, and whatever happened around me.  I would probably post them on every social media platforms I own, like facebook, twitter, and instagram.  With the photo filters they provided, I can save up lots of time to edit my photo on a photo editing app.

– Like the other social media platform, Dayre allows you to personalize your own URL  which can be accessible on your mobile devices and web.

– We can post any 15 seconds video clip on Dayre. It works the same as Instagram,  but anyhow, Dayre does not have the filter effect on the video post.

– One of my favorite feature on Dayre is that, they have their own stickers, which is relatively cute. And how it work is that you pick a sticker from the app, and share your moments or thoughts with that sticker you chose. This is very beneficial for those who are bashful to post a pic of them but want to share their moment with the social media.


– Dayre also allows you to check in on where you at. Which works pretty much the same as Facebook. And you also get to share your thoughts on the place you checked in.

-The layout of Dayre is pretty simple. They use the “follow” system like how Instagram works. And they are divided to three sections, the “Day”, “Week”, Month” section. In a nutshell, it’s pretty organized, as if you want to see what you posted today, you could go on the “Day” section, they’ll show you all the posts you posted today. As if you want to check what you posted on this week, or last month, they also have the “Week” and “Month” sections to direct you to what you posted on the particular day.


As Dayre was launched on last December, it’s still pretty new to the social media world. But I can see it’s expanding. Especially in the Asian region. I’m originally from Asia, and most of my friends and family are on Dayre. You can see it’s expanding. Dayre is free, and who would ever hate free stuff? Why not we give it a shot on trying it. Who knows, you might love it? Who knows, one day, Dayre would take over Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Vine?

By Peter xx


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4 thoughts on “Dayre, the new Twitter+Instagram+Vine?

  1. I think this is actually pretty cool and would work well in today’s market, where people constantly feel the need to express themselves. I’m excited to see if it becomes popular and how bigger companies will utilize this medium to market and advertise their brand.


  2. This seems really interesting, I had never seen it before! I agree- I think the 500 character count is a really smart move on Dayre’s part. Twitter gets a lot of comments about their character count, especially from the journalism world. Some writers are arguing that the 140 count has effected news consumer’s attention span when reading articles. I wonder if the damage already done by the 140 count will take effect on Dayre’s 500 count.


  3. This is a very creative idea. I usually have to constantly check my Facebook, Twitter, and Vine account. It would be awesome to have just one application in which all the things are combined. Also, having 500 characters would give people more space to say what they think or feel about different situations.


  4. Hmm…another segmentation of social media. It’s funny that you say that it has all the features of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Vine. Facebook itself is already Twitter, Instagram, and Vine in itself. Those sites are just a feature (i.e., status update [Twitter], picture albums [Instagram], and video [Vine]) separated into their own segment from Facebook, but now this new one is all of those combined again.

    I hate to be a “negative nancy” without having tried it, but I don’t understand another site that is basically just another Friendster, MySpace, Face, Google +, LinkedIn, etc, but with all of that AND its own separate features which are just extensions of Twitter, Instagram, and Vine.


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