A Look Back. Facebook’s Tenth Anniversary

Some of you may have noticed some interesting videos of people over the last few days you’ve been browsing your Facebook timelines.  No, this isn’t some dumb app that compiles information for you, this is straight from Facebook.  “A Look Back” takes all of your best moments since the first day you joined Facebook and puts them together into a one minute video.  Ranging from 200 like profile pictures to exciting status’ about getting your first job, the video provides a quick snapshot of your past five years on Facebook.  Watching your look back really makes the last five years sure start to blend together

You can find your own movie here: https://facebook.com/lookback/

Outside of your own profile, the tenth birthday for the social powerhouse provides us an interesting look back at the company and how it has managed to reach its height.  Since 2004 Zuckerberg has grown his social network from an out-of-his-dorm project to the pinnacle of social media interaction.  Facebook shares are currently at the highest they’ve been since the IPO launch in 2012 at $62 a share.  The company has recently taken steps to further their market by purchasing Instagram for $1 billion and the failed offer of $3 billion for Snapchat.  With over 1.23 billion active monthly users it is essential for Facebook to make sure to keep the audience entertained barring some new social media train drives by out of nowhere and everyone jumps ship to hop on.

That being said, it really is a marvel to behold what Facebook has turned into in the short time it has existed as a company.  You would be hard-pressed to find a person on this campus who doesn’t have a profile or doesn’t check it on a daily basis.  Each person has their Facebook app that brings notifications and messages to them wherever they go.  Facebook is all around us and we continue to use it, almost subconsciously.  It has become a norm in each and every one of our lifestyles.  Google+ has attempted to swing into the spotlight but usage numbers as well as employee retention rates prove that Facebook remains king of the social profile.

While looking back at the past 10 years can show us how impressive Facebook has been, it’s time to ask another question: how successful can it be over the next 10 years?  In 2024, will we still be drooling over our Facebook profiles or will it go the way of Myspace?  It’s obvious that the future of the company is going to rely on its mobile ability as it expands worldwide into the international and Asian markets.  We’ve already seen the first step with the release of the new app “Paper”, in which longer articles and stories are presented magazine style through the app.  An interesting approach to the storytelling format, it’s simply something to keep an eye on going forward.  That’s all talk for the future though, right now all we need to do is lean back and do exactly what Facebook told us: take ‘a look back’.


Martin, S. (February 3, 2014).  Status Update: 10 years in, Facebook still a force. Retrieved from http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2014/02/03/facebook-juggernaut/4849409/

3 thoughts on “A Look Back. Facebook’s Tenth Anniversary

  1. I think this “Look Back” campaign is clever but definitely not something that only Facebook could pull off. Flipbook, an app that creates videos for iPhones, had so many people creating their own “look back” sequences at the turn of the new year. While I thought it was a nice way to celebrate their 10th anniversary, I do not think it was original. Nice post! 🙂


  2. I had no idea that the look back campaign was actually a campaign, I thought it was a stupid app. It’s a nice way to show people how the social media site has changed over the years!


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