NBC to stream all Winter Olympic events


Fans will now be able to watch all Winter Olympic events from their phones, wherever they are. NBC, who covers the Winter Olympics, will have live-streaming of all 15 venues. At the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver, NBC streamed only two events so it shows how much money and effort they are putting into a better fan experience. You will no longer have to be near a TV in order to watch certain events. Through your smartphone or tablet, you can be on the go and still be able to catch the figure skating or other events.

NBC is getting help from companies such as Microsoft using Windows Azure cloud-computing technology to ensure the quality will be clear and fast. Adobe is also helping NBC deliver the best quality it can. NBC plans on streaming more than 1,000 hours live over the 18 days of the Winter Olympics.

You will be able to watch the games through the website or downloading the NBC Sports Live Extra app. The app also covers other sports like the NHL and PGA, so there is a better chance that customers will keep the app for longer. They initially came to watch the Olympics, but some of those people might be hockey fans so it caters to their other needs. It’s a good way to bring exposure to an app that many people didn’t know much about before.



Streaming events isn’t new technology by any means. As mentioned, the Vancouver games were streamed but only a couple events. At the time, the Ipad hadn’t been released and just missed the opportunity to stream the Olympics. Tablets are huge today and many people enjoy watching movies and sports from it. During the Summer Olympics in London, all the events were being streamed through smartphones. The people watching on tablets was double that amount, so it’s smart that NBC will try to market the Olympics through different media platforms.

The Winter Olympics of Sochi begin Thursday.


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One thought on “NBC to stream all Winter Olympic events

  1. I think its fantastic that NBC is adopting the technology to do things like this. I’m sure all television programming will be streaming to mobile platforms within the next year or so. Talk about high data fees when people get on the go with that! I’ll have to download the app so I can check out how the quality is. Nice post 🙂


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