@JCPenney #TweetingWithMittens During the Super Bowl

While everyone gathered around Sunday night to watch the Broncos play a sad, sad game and see how companies decided to spend $4 million in 30 seconds, I turned to Twitter to see what brands are saying and social reactions. It was @JCPenney who had everyone talking, and had me thoroughly entertained.

@JCPenney’s live tweets were nothing less than a mess. For the next 35 minutes, the Twittersphere filled my feed with reactions. Major brands took this time to get their “Oreo” moment.


Some of my favorite reactions were:


Rumors speculated about whether the person managing the account was drunk or if JC Penney’s account hacked, but the stunt seemed all too perfect to be either one. This was definitely a planned advertising idea, and a great one, at that. In those 35 minutes between their second tweet and their response, @JCPenney 23,206 retweets and 10,438 favorites, not to mention the amount of people and brands replying to their tweets. JC Penney opened up opportunities for other brands to come up with their “perfect replies,” which only meant more people would be clicking on @JCPenney and engaging with them. Kia Motors had 3,348 retweets and 2,584 favorites on their response. Also, several articles talked about JC Penney’s stunt, adding to their coverage. Talk about free press. Who said you needed to spend $4 million on a 30 second commercial slot?

@JCPenney replied to their tweets with this, which I admit, isn’t that strong of a response.


I was a little disappointed because it was something a bit out of the ordinary, especially since the Twitter world was banking on @JCPenney being drunk. But regardless, they were able to promote their “Go USA” mittens, which proceeds will help the U.S. Olympic committee.

What do you guys think? Do you think this was an advertising stunt or a crisis management response? And what do you think of their response? Would you have done something different?

One thought on “@JCPenney #TweetingWithMittens During the Super Bowl

  1. I actually retweeted JCPenny’s “drunk tweets” during the game… I thought they were hilarious because they were so out of context. It seems to me as if they were hacked- Penny’s seems to be way too conservative to make this mistake. No matter the intention, it gained them more social media attention then they’ve probably ever seen.


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