Facebook Paper

Facebook will do everything, eventually.  The next thing, however, is titled “Facebook Paper.”  When I first heard this new addition to the Facebook Empire, I immediately thought they were introducing their own line of online newsworthy content.  However, I was surprised to learn that Facebook Paper will consist of news that fits the user personally.


According to an article from Advertising Age, “Facebook is trying to position the features and abilities of Paper as a new sort of standard tool and delivery method for content and information in a digital world, a kind of now-generation storytelling medium. It promises to bring you the best, brightest and most tailored content — across your personal and commercial sources for news and information — rather than require you to spend time browsing, surfing and searching (Hopkins, 2014).”

Clearly, Facebook is in need of serious expansion as they continue to remain the same Facebook we have grown to love, and occasionally obsess over, for the past ten years.  Therefore, this new brand strategy is extremely innovative and has the chance to be a huge success. However, the big risk Facebook Paper is taking is omitting the Facebook logo and name from the application.  Users will know the application to be called, simply, Paper.  I think this idea will allow Facebook to market to an older generation, as the application caters to the users’ interests; instead of compiling stories from the users Facebook friends on a saturated newsfeed.

According to an article from digitaltrends.com, “Usually Facebook news feeds are subject to the content placed in them by friends, family members, and followed pages. This is, in equal parts, a blessing and curse because not all interests are shared, but all stories are. Paper solves this by supplementing the Facebook feed with curated categories you choose. The app prompts you to add feeds in categories like Headlines, Tech, Planet, Ideas, and other buzz words of interest. These diversify the stories you see within the app and allows you to escape the noise of the standard Facebook news feed without having to leave the app (Dellinger, 2014).”

Even though this concept may gain new users, it is safe to consider the possibility Facebook will lose their original social media users as the users transfer to a cleaner and more appealing application.  Ultimately, Facebook and Paper will be competing against each other.   Regardless, the transition Facebook is making is innovative and much needed to keep the loyalty of Facebook users.


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3 thoughts on “Facebook Paper

  1. I like the idea of it being personalized to fit your interests. I don’t think Facebook will have to worry about losing members, they will just have another outlet for them to use.


  2. Paper is hitting the market at a great time. Right now, users are really into personalization of devices and I think paper is going to be really big. I’m interested to see how quickly they will introduce advertisements.


  3. I wonder if there is any speculation on how this new app will negatively impact the way individuals receive their news. If this new Paper app becomes the exclusive news outlet for people, individuals will have much more power to monitor what they see and what they don’t. Although this choice can be empowering, I wonder if it raises any ethical dilemmas by failing to fully inform the public as an adequate news source.


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