AT&T Supports Russian LGBT Community




LGBT activists have been pressuring large corporations and individuals to show their disapproval of Russia’s anti LGBT laws. Individuals have been using different forms of new media, such as Twitter, to get Olympic Sponsors to note their support for Russia’s LGBT community.  Olympic Athletes have been utilizing different means of communication to show their disapproval with Russia’s laws even though propaganda in favor of homosexuality in Russia is currently illegal. Individuals from all over use different social media such as blogs to show support for Russian equality.  The Russian government has pressed charges against several LGBT blogs.

In terms of sponsors, so far AT&T is on board.  Sponsors of the Internationally Olympic Committee have been primarily targeted, and though AT&T is not a part of this committee, they are a part of the United States Olympic Committee which is a huge step.

AT&T’s statement from their company blog reads:

“AT&T has a long and proud history of support for the L.G.B.T. community in the United States and everywhere around the world where we do business.  We support L.G.B.T. equality globally and we condemn violence, discrimination and harassment targeted against L.G.B.T. individuals everywhere.”


AT&T could be the first step in urging the major sponsors of the Olympic International Committee, which includes Visa, McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Samsung, to show outright support for Russia’s LGBT community and the disapproval of Russian Laws.  In the near future, demonstrations will be held in McDonalds restaurants in New York against Russia’s law to pressure McDonalds into showing support.

This issue is an example of how important social media can be when utilized correctly.  Without social media, it would be difficult to encourage major sponsors to show support for equality in Russia.  The issue is extremely public due to social media which also puts a lot of pressure on Russia.  Social media is a means for the people to exercise their beliefs and human rights to make a change towards improvement.  The point of all of this is for equality for all over the world.  Right now, Russia is the main target because of all its publicity with the Winter Olympics being held in Sochi.  With the voices from all over the world on social media trying to make a change in Russia, a major world goal could be met.


by Bridget Devine


Elliot, S. (2014, February 4). AT&T Becomes First Major Advertiser to Protest Russia’s Antigay Law. New York Times. Retrieved February 5, 2014, from

6 thoughts on “AT&T Supports Russian LGBT Community

  1. The fact that the Olympics are being held in Russia this year is good news for their LGBT community. What better way to get global recognition of these unjust and prejudiced laws? So many people will watch and become increasingly frustrated with the way that the LGBT community is affected by the laws, and hopefully it will pressure Russia to become more socially progressive.


  2. That’s great to hear a big company such as AT&T supporting something so controversial worldwide. I wish people would stop pressuring all of the American sponsors and put some pressure on other worldwide sponsors to do the same as well. I feel it would mean more if more of the world was involved as well!


  3. Often times we are faced with all of the issues that the rise of social media brings up in societies. However, this is an excellent example of how it can promote beneficial social change. I respect companies like AT&T for setting a good example on how to promote social justice, and hopefully others will follow suit.


  4. Great PR move on AT&T’s end, creates a favorable brand image not only abroad but also within the United States, it’s a bit difficult to get a good step up on competition in the arena that AT&T is a part of but by proliferating an image of social justice they become unique.


  5. I certainly think it’s a great step for AT&T to support equal rights. It’s interesting, however, that companies get to take a stance on human rights issues – it’s as if AT&T has a say in who we can and can’t love. This all plays into the debate over whether corporations should be considered people or not. I firmly believe that a company can have a pro-LGBT policy, and the people of that organization are welcome to agree as a group if they support it as well as have their own opinions. But this is a human issue; should companies have a say?


  6. Way to go AT&T! I think a lot of companies are scared to show their support but hopefully AT&T starts the support of big companies. It’s weird to think that support from companies matters but it does help. It let’s everyone know that they’re not okay with the harmful anti-LGBT laws. Of course they may have been doing it just for good public opinion but it gets the word out. Some may not even know about the Russia law until a big company says something.


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