One of the most conceptually clever ads for this year’s Super Bowl was created for Audi. The commercial, unlike most car commercials, did not extensively feature the vehicle. Instead, it focused on getting its concept, “luxury without compromise,” across in a comical way. The ad, produced by Venables Bell & Partners, featured an indecisive couple trying to decide between getting a Chihuahua or a Doberman. The salesman suggests a compromise: breeding the dogs together to create the “Doberhuahua.”

The cross-breed turns out to be an out of control menace of a dog, so much so that Sarah McLachlan comically takes pity on them in a parody of her ASPCA commercials, known for making viewers want to change the channel. The ad then leads into a more traditional car commercial with the phrase “compromise scares us too,” suggesting that by buying their vehicle, consumers won’t have to compromise on what they want…or adopt a Doberhuahua.

While we may appreciate the takeaway from traditional car commercials, this one may be a risk. Unlike regular ads, the commercial did not discuss any of the brand’s features, awards, or how it stacks up to the competition. In fact, the brand is not mentioned at all until the end of the commercial. However, though the brand is not discussed in depth, the commercial is effective in keeping the viewer engaged by creating a storyline, and causing them to wonder which brand is advertising.

So while the brand itself will get attention for the ad, the real question is whether they will be able to get their message across. They managed to communicate it in a new and comical way, but did this take away from the brand itself, and will this ad make people look at Audi as an option when buying a new car? Maybe so; at the very least the commercial was certainly entertaining.

This ad serves as a great example of connecting audiences through telling a story. It keeps the viewer engaged, and people will likely appreciate a comical parody of a rather depressing PSA. While the financial result of the commercial may be a question mark, I can certainly appreciate a new take on traditional car advertising.

3 thoughts on “ASPCAudi

  1. The comercial was genuinely really funny, however, I might be a bit biased since I drive an Audi myself. The best part was the Sarah Mclahlan commercial not talking about animals and being extremely sad afterwards. It definitely put a completely different twist on those tear jerking animal commercials.


  2. I loved this commercial and I think the risk they took will be worth it. They did not discuss the car features, etc., but Audi is a brand that doesn’t have to. Audi is a well established brand with a great reputation which is why I think they can get away with a commercial like this.


  3. I really enjoyed this commercial. It was a commercial that all my friends talked about after the super bowl. It definitely keeps the audience attention until the end which can be difficult to do. I like the approach they took because it was a little risky.


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