The Future of Technology: Augmented Reality

Technology is constantly changing and becoming more advanced. Looking into the future, technology will evolve into something truly unbelievable. We have already seen a glimpse of what this technology can provide through the development of Google Glass. This advance and unique technology is known as augmented reality.

Augmented Reality has been around for years, but nobody knew what to call it. Professor Tom Caudell coined the term “augmented reality” in 1990. Scientists continue to experiment with augmented reality, creating and researching new ways to reach consumers. Augmented reality has barely been “born” it is still developing and we have a lot to learn. It will change the way we see the world. It can be defined as the “interaction of superimposed graphics, audio and other sense enhancements over a real-world environment that’s displayed in real-time.” It is a type of virtual reality that aims to duplicate the world’s environment in a computer. Its goal is to create a system in which the user cannot tell the difference between the real world and the virtual augmentation of it.

With this newly found technology, many advantages and disadvantages can develop. Some advantages to augmented reality include advances in technology, reducing the line between the real world and virtual world, interactive abilities, making things memorable and eye-catching, sensory-oriented, digital ads are inexpensive and the personal experience to be had through augmented reality. All these advantages paint augmented reality as the next best thing, but it also provides some disadvantages that could outweigh the advantages. Some big disadvantages of augmented reality are the lack of privacy, people missing out on important moments, production is expensive, physical danger, information overload and augmenting without permission. All of these disadvantages can turn to serious issues that should not have to be of concern. Society already has a problem with texting and driving and adding the ability to do more than just texting will only cause more of distraction.

What does the future of augmented reality hold? It will bring a whole new experience! It is making its way into the marketing place by working with top brands and corporations. There is a variety of technology and applications emerging from augmented reality that will change the future. It is changing the way people see and learn from their surroundings. We can expect virtual fitting rooms where you can try on apparel live, 3D games, geo-location with real time displayed maps and huge advancement in the industrial, military, medical and education fields. People will not have to worry about being bored. Everyone will have endless entertainment anytime, anywhere! The tasks we perform in ordinary life will be brought to life and transform experiences and increase engagement.



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