Google Glasses Expand Target Audience

Google-Glass-Titanium-Frame-630x348Google Inc. is redirecting their target audience for Google Glasses. The demographic will be on a much larger scale.  The glasses will appeal to people who actually wear prescription glasses!  Google announced last week that they will be making a line of prescription lenses and frames for Google Glasses.  The prescription glasses have a small variety of frames as well as three options for sun-glasses.  The frames are all titanium and grey in color but several options are offered for the accent color on the inside of the frame.

Google Inc. decided to do a line of prescription glasses because of the excessive amount customer requests.  This will take the market for the glasses from tech-geeks to everyday people who wear glasses.  The frames and lenses alone will cost customers $225.  This does not include the Google device that attaches to the frame.

But the Google’s target audience won’t stop there.  It is rumored that Google Inc. is in the process of discussing a partnership with Ray-Ban.  This will immensely expand the consumer market.  Currently, Google Glasses seem a bit too futuristic to appeal to a broad, youthful audience.  Our generation is technology obsessed but Google Glasses are a little bit too far ahead of the game.  This idea is partially associated with their appearance.  The idea of everyone wearing a simple, uniform pair of glasses is unappealing and looks too much like a scene from a sci-fi film.  If Google Inc. partners with Ray-Ban, it will bring them back down to an average consumers level.  Ray-Ban is an established brand who’s trendy designs appeal to a young adult market which is where Google likely wants to take Google Glasses since that is the generation most influenced by technology.

Google Inc. announced a recent partnership with Vision Insurance Provider (VSP).  VSP is training eye doctors to make sure Google Glasses are personally tailored to each consumer.  Personal touches in new media are big with consumers right now.  The iPhone 5s has capabilities for the owner to unlock the phone with his or her fingerprint.  Consumers like to think of themselves as special and as an individual in a larger-than-life market.  Personal touches within technologies feed into these psychological desires.  Google Glasses were a huge advancement in technology but the personal touches to the device will make them bigger than Google expected.  They have the potential to be the next iPhone.

by: Bridget Devine


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10 thoughts on “Google Glasses Expand Target Audience

  1. I hope Google Inc does pursue a partnership with Ray Band. Google right now is far too tech focused to reach the young-adult demographic. Google Glasses are very futuristic looking as you mentioned which does have its appeal for an initial launch but for them to have a broader audience reach they need to make these glasses everyday wearable. Ray-Band does a great job of taking vintage styles and modernizing them to fit society today. It will be interesting to see what will or would come out of this partnership.


  2. There has been so much hype on Google glass lately. I think this further development will be interesting to watch. I still don’t know anyone that has Google Glass, but I agree that it will grow in popularity once it is around for a while and the pice goes down. You made a good point when comparing it to the iphone. When the cell phone first came out minimal people had it, but know it is extremely common because the technology advanced and price became more affordable.


  3. I agree that there has been an insane amount of hype about these glasses. I wonder just how long it will take for the price to fall and for Google Glasses to be a common thing for people to have.Much like your comparison to the iPhone I feel it will be no time before we are all walking around with Google Glasses. Its also interesting to consider what will be the next product that will follow these glasses.


  4. It seems a little premature for them to be making moves like this. I hear so much talk about Google Glass every day but I’ve never actually seen anyone with a pair. They don’t seem practical for the audience they’re targeting, with high cost and the lack of penetration into the mainstream style.


  5. I think that this is an important step for Google in getting Google Glass to become everything that they have hoped it will be. People have been wearing glasses that do nothing for years because they think it looks good and Google Glass is an extension of that. However, now that they are offering prescription glasses they are allowing people who actually need glasses to use Google Glass without hassle.


  6. I am extremely curious to see how Google Glasses are perceived by everyone when they are first out. I have heard a lot of negative things about them, as they are a distraction with everyday things such as driving. However, it is a wonderful invention and can bring about many great things. Also, they should definitely partner with Ray Ban- I am a huge fan.


  7. This is a clever idea, especially with the partnership with Ray Ban. However, the Google Glasses have yet to launch to the public in full. I think it would benefit Google to wait and see how the original Google Glasses do to the general public before they start taking riskier moves. Also, Google needs to understand that not a lot of people can’t afford these glasses and I think many prescription glass users will opt for the cheaper kind.


  8. I’ll be interested to see how people feel about having a clunky device on their faces. Glasses tend to slide down our noses anyways without the help of the extra weight on just one side. One way to fix this would be to have the glasses fit tighter on the face but that’s likely to cause a headache. Hopefully Google has considered this in making their designs.


  9. Just from looking at the price, I don’t see how Google Glass will become popular with a younger audience. $225 for just a pair of compatible frames seems pretty steep. In order for something to really hit in the market, it has to meet the needs of the target audience. If Google pairs with Raybans, it seems like the prices would only skyrocket. I’m not saying nobody would buy it, but with such a small percentage of the population holding the wealth, how will the lower-class society ever afford such a luxury? Once the prices adjust to consumer budgets, I do believe the product will become very popular, as with any other piece of technology.


  10. I still don’t think i would wear google glasses. I don’t think i feel comfortable having something that emits radiation, so close to my brain (since you have to keep the glasses on and can’t just take them off, otherwise what’s the point) i think the idea of google glasses and the technology behind it is no doubt innovative and impressive, but i still wouldn’t risk my health for it!


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