Duracell Gets Energized

If you think about batteries, most people probably automatically think about the Energizer Bunny. It has, after all, become an almost iconic symbol in advertising with everyone being able to recognize it. So why has Energizer been falling behind its competitor Duracell? Duracell has now gained control of the battery market, and by a large scale.

Both companies have had long term advertising campaigns. Energizer has the Energizer Bunny and Duracell has the slogan “Trusted Everywhere.” So why has there been such a decline in Energizers sales? I think if we take a closer look at the ad campaigns we might find some answers.

First, lets look at Energizer. The Energize Bunny goes along with the slogan”Keep Going” and has been around since 1989. I think it would be hard for any campaign to run that long and maintain a successful record. Although, the bunny has become such a well-known mascot, I think its time that Energizer develops it. It really does not have much appeal and the only thing really going for it is its history. Unfortunately, I think the Energizer Bunny’s time has run out and a new idea needs to come into play in order for Energizer to regain its status in the battery world.

energizer bunny


Now, lets look at Duracell. Even though they have had the same slogan “Trusted Everywhere” for a long time too I think it has much more appeal. Duracell also has created some evolutions of the slogan like “Trust Your Power” and I think that gives them some edge and helps differentiate them a little more. If we look at Duracell’s ad campaigns I think they really have an emotional appeal. If your family is stuck without power or is in a crisis, Duracell is telling you that it can be trusted. I think the way they lay out there advertisements creates more of a story line and presents real situations and reasons for needing batteries you can trust and I think that is why they have been having a lot of success lately and have edged out Energizer.



Overall, I think it is time Energize rethinks and evolves their ad campaign. While, the bunny is memorable, I think they need to emphasize the benefits of having good batteries for all situations like Duracell does.


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5 thoughts on “Duracell Gets Energized

  1. I agree with you that Energize needs to think of a new idea to bring them back to life. Duracell is doing a great job with keeping up with new trends. I also think that they are doing a good job of making it relatable to every day situations like the power going out and Duracell always being there.


  2. Totally agree. The Duracell ads are super relatable, they always tie in what batteries are used for and have an emotional appeal. It’s called Energize for a reason, they need to Energize some new life into their campaigns!


  3. I like the idea of a new idea, but i want to keep the energizer bunny angle. I love that bunny. people make costumes with the bunny and spoofs, its classic and funny. Maybe even if the bunny is just an funny little end of commercial thing. but i like the bunny.


  4. Agree with all of this. Energizer doesn’t necessarily have to get rid of the bunny but they at the least need to redesign how they use it or come up with another completely original idea. I think Duracell is so successful because trust is such a main component in products. It reminds me of like an old version of an All State commercial. They blatantly say, “You’re in good hands.” Like All State, Duracell says straight up that consumers can trust them to outlast the best.


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