Pepsi Maxed Out?

Not every advertisement can run for ever. But how do you know when it is time to call it quits? Pepsi Max has just released its third installment of its “Uncle Drew” YouTube videos featuring NBA star Kyrie Irving and people have seemed to have enough. Compare this- three short videos- to Nike’s “Just Do It” campaign that has ran for 25 years. So how do you know when enough is enough?

Pepsi’s videos feature Kyrie Irving and other basketball stars dressing up as older people like “Uncle Drew.” They then go to a local basketball court and start embarrassing people on the court. While the gag is a funny concept and Pepsi does do a good job of setting it up, the surprise element is gone. Everyone knows what is going to happen and it really affects the overall advertisement negatively.

When doing an ad campaign such as this one for Pepsi MAX, I think its important not to over do it. The campaign involves “tricking” the audience, but once the audience knows the story the advertisement seems redundant. Im not saying that the ad isn’t entertaining because I think it still has some value in that department. But I think it is time for Pepsi to find a new campaign and let “Uncle Drew” live in the past. I mean, how long can you really pull the same joke?



Beltrone, G. (2013, October 30). Kyrie irving is back as uncle drew. but is the gag, like the character, getting old?. Retrieved from

5 thoughts on “Pepsi Maxed Out?

  1. I agree that the effectiveness of this advertising campaign is lost because the viewer already knows what to expect. I think the main difference between this campaign and one’s like Nike’s “Just Do It” is that Nike was able to infuse this concept into a variety of different campaigns. They used it as a basis for their brand instead of for a one-shot advertising campaign, which I think Pepsi failed to do with their campaign.


  2. This is the first time that I saw this Pepsi advertisement,
    For me, this commercial is fresh, but when this commercial turn to be series,
    I think there is nothing to be new anymore because of the same repertory.
    In addition, I cannot know what Pepsi want to say to people with this advertisement.
    I’m not sure if people see this advertisement, they would buy Pepsi coke.


  3. I didn’t watch this commercial before because I am from China and this commercial never showed up in China, but I think this form is too old so I was already tired with it. In my opinion, the designer of commercial should figure out some new ideas to attract people’s attention.


  4. The reason Nike’s “Just Do It” concept is successful while Pepsi’s “Uncle Drew” concept is not is because “Just Do It” is Nike’s slogan, and “Uncle Drew” is just a gag. The Nike slogan can run forever, while people will grow tired of gags and jokes.


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