Dress, Click N Pose!

Dress, Click N Pose


Who knew snapping pictures could become such a fad? Mobile technology has taken the industry of photography by a storm with user-friendly applications like Instagram, Pinterest,Vine and now Pose!

This new app, which was, launched on the Apple iPhone nearly two and half ago recently reported with more than 2 million registered users.


Pose is essentially an online and mobile community that allows users to swap photos and videos of their outfits, makeup and shopping accessories. Some call it the future of fashion photography or Instagram for fashion. It surely has a lot to offer.


More than the fashion itself, there is a greater audience of people who are interested in what people wear and how they wear it. Users find Pose as an accessible platform to search the latest trends. Many of the clothes are often tagged in the pictures, which makes it easier to track down and or directly purchase the item. The app also features a pinterest-like clipboard where you can save your favorite styles. Another reason why Pose has been so successful is due to the fact that it brings fashion bloggers to it’s site further attracting mass of followers. Unlike many other fashion apps like Fashism and Lucky at your service, Pose is available on several platforms including apple and android devices both online and mobile. Pose uses the concept of geolocation to target consumers that live specific urban markets where the product is readily available.

 ImagePose founder and CEO, Dustin Rosen describe the app as a fashion magazine but on a phone, a great way for women to spend five minutes on their commutes.”

 This app is actually quite beneficial to the creator and the angel investors involved in the project. Every time a user purchases an item from the app a small fee is included in purchase. Pose serves as an online monetizing merchant. The app continuously seeks for creative ways to attract advertisers to better serve its community. They want to refrain from traditional advertising techniques as they feel they are often ineffective. In an Interview with Mashable, CEO Dustin explained that, “the vision was to build advertising into the stream, to make them more integrated and actionable.”

 It was only recently that Pose landed their first successful ad campaign with Juicy Couture Fragrances to promote its Viva La Juicy Noir fragrance. The advertising technique is unique because of product placement with users.  The product can be seen in use as users post pictures posing.


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7 thoughts on “Dress, Click N Pose!

  1. I really like what Pose is doing with their app! I think it is another good way to pass the time like people do with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook etc. Even though it is not a big thing right now and is geared more towards women, who knows when it could become extremely popular like Instagram or Twitter.


  2. I think Juicy Couture made a really smart move utilizing the app and other fashion companies should do the same. The app provides instant access to a target audience and produces word of mouth for the brand or product.


  3. As a huge fashion blog reader, I would love to see more bloggers use this app. It would be a great way for retailers to track how many end sales came from readers viewing it on a blogger. It would also make it easier to copy a look.


  4. Pose sounds cool, but it will add to the anxiety of consumers. They’ll see people wearing and carrying these beautiful garments, know what brand it is, and therefore know how much it cost. Then, they will know that they can’t afford that pretty thing. Sad. Okay, maybe I’m speaking from my perspective!

    I do think it’s great that advertising is being seamlessly integrated into social media. People will buy from a brand they like, but will rarely say that they bought a product as a result of an advertisement they saw.


  5. I am by no sense interested in fashion at all, however with such a large market it is always interesting to see what trends there are with technology and fashion. Fashion can only grow so far and it is interesting to see how they come up with creative ideas to add demand to such products. It will be interesting to see how long this app lasts until something better or newer comes out.


  6. I think this will bring about a lot of earned media for the clothing companies. Having the consumer share their favorite outfits and designers allows the company to track the conversations as to figure out what is working and what is not. Pretty interesting since its is as easy as snapping a pic.


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