SnapChat Advertising? Boobs, Butts and Taco Bell


When asked what Snapchat is, my usual response is “you use to send naked or just really ugly pictures to people for ten seconds so they can’t save them or be seen ever again.” This would be the response from most people when asked the same question. Now the answer begins to change.

Companies are beginning to use Snapchat as a new way to advertise their products. One of these companies is Karmaloop, an online clothing company. They have started using SnapChat as a way to target college-age comsumers by sending out risque snaps of models in their clothing. Karmaloop is not afraid of showing some skin to attract both Snapchat users and potential buyers.


“Our snaps are not for the faint of heart—you got to be ready for a little bit of boobs and butt,” says Karmaloop marketing director, Megan Knisely. “We’ve toyed around with a little bit of nudity, but nothing hard-core. We have played up the fun, sexy side of things.”

Later this month, Karmaloop will be snapping exclusive coupon codes as a way to test if their Snapchat advertising strategy is actually helping to improve sales.

Another company that is using Snapchat to their advantage is Taco Bell. I would be lying if I said I had never Snapchatted Taco Bell and been way too excited for a response. (I Snapchat them frequently.)  Taco Bell uses the app to promote their new items and keep up with the ever evolving technology their target market loves so much.


Both companies have figured out how to appeal to their demographic through an app that has such a seemingly simple concept behind it. While Karamloop and Taco Bell are sending completely opposite pictures to Snapchat users, the message is the same.

3 thoughts on “SnapChat Advertising? Boobs, Butts and Taco Bell

  1. As a user of Snapchat, this can either make or break the company trying to advertise their products. I tried so hard to refrain from making a Snapchat account, replying with, “It’s a pointless, waste of time and space on my iPhone,” when asked why I don’t want to be a part of this “frenzy.” Needless to say, I gave in. If one’s “snaps” are actually fun, creative, and unique, the message comes across quite well and is memorable. Unfortunately, I had to delete and block some users because their quick bits of information/images were dull, boring, and uninteresting. If a company presses on their creativity, Snapchat will be a helpful tool in their advertising strategies.


  2. I also have Snapchat and I only use it to send pictures and videos to close friends. I would never follow a company or brand just to receive more promotional pictures from them. I think that social media is meant to be social with friends and family, but advertisers are taking advantage of that big time and using it to target the younger crowd. Obviously more college-aged kids have snap chat than older adults and so it has probably made sales go up. I think it is a smart idea, but I don’t personally like to receive snap chats of people trying to sell me anything.


  3. Snapchat is a weird newish form of social media. I have one because friends have asked me to join. But I rarely send anything out. However I only follow those few friends who have asked me to join. I do see how beneficial Snapchat would be for a company, or a corporation. Since it doesn’t last and may not be remembered. So that being said, I think it was a valid try and I don’t think that the sex part of it is that bad. It is very common in marketing campaigns, even in fast food campaigns. I just don’t really see how useful Snapchat is from an advertising standpoint.


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