How Nike Fuels their Advertising Campaigns

Nike, one of the leading athletic companies in the world, uses a variety of advertising campaigns to target their markets. One of which, the Nike + FuelBand campaign, is an effective and dynamic way that Nike has utilized digital advertising. Nike FuelBand is a ‘band’ or bracelet that counts your daily activities, such as calories burned, your general movement, and your daily fuel score ( According to the Nike FuelBand Twitter, “Not only is the FuelBand a fun way to keep you active, but you can compete, collaborate, and compare your activity with each other.”

Nike kicked off this campaign through the use of the commercial Intensity #COUNTS. This ad aired on television and can also be viewed on YouTube. This ad shows how both athletes and athletic individuals can benefit from the Nike FuelBand. In the commercial, Nike utilizes storytelling. The persuasive message that everyone should purchase a Nike FuelBand is emphasized through the use of digital advertising and the incorporation of social media. 

Social media has become a powerful presence in the world of consumers. Nike targets this market by including a hashtag, #COUNTS in the advertisement. Nike also reinforces the FuelBand campaign by increasing brand exposure through Twitter, Facebook, and Vine. A specific Twitter account was created for Nike Fuel band and the hashtag #NikeFuel generates thousands of Tweets and Vine videos. This not only increases brand exposure but expands on the ‘place’ of the advertisement by reaching a broader audience. The integration of social media is a tactful idea from Nike as it is cost effective and allows the FuelBand to have increased brand presence. 

FuelBand’s digital media campaign is very integrated as it utilizes a number of platforms to advertise; furthermore, the FuelBand itself can be synced with an application available for iPads, iPhones, and iPods ( Through this app, consumers can share their fuel scores with friends via social media websites. This gives the brand Nike further exposure and generates a source of word of mouth advertisement. This positively influences Nike’s brand identity and reinforces the positivity of the FuelBand. 

With less and less people watching Television, it is crucial for companies such as Nike to reach their audiences through a variety of platforms. In my opinion, Nike’s Intensity #COUNTS campaign is successful. This digital advertising campaign is highly effective as it uses multiple channels of communication to reinforce the FuelBand. Nike capitalizes on social media by integrating the advertisements, while also allowing FuelBand users to share their fuel scores through the exact platforms. The commercial itself evokes excitement in the audience while encouraging consumers to be motivated, be active, and purchase a FuelBand. FuelBands are for sale in local Nike stores as well as online and retail for $149 ( 






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