HSBC: Lemonade Stand

The commercial was created by HSBC as a way to promote international advertisements and celebrate small businesses. Within this advertisement HSBC is portraying the benefits of doing business with them by using the example of a lemonade stand, a traditional small business some kids like to set up outside their homes. In this advertisement a young girl is setting up a lemonade stand with her father at first it seems simple she’s there to sell lemonade and nothing else. As a mother and her son quickly approach it appears as though all that is going to happen is that she will receive money for Lemonade, until the young entrepreneur begins to speak Portuguese quickly noticing the mother has reals, the currency in Brazil. Allowing the girl to accept different types of currencies she is able to help her small lemonade stand grow extensively and turn no one away. After the mother and son leave a bus full of tourists approach. In just sixty seconds HSBC was able to share the idea with their customers that no business is too small for their bank. If you do business with them they will help your business grow with their help.

2 thoughts on “HSBC: Lemonade Stand

  1. I think that this is a clever way for banks to target new business clients. Every start-up business has big dreams of becoming a big name and going from start-up to local hit, to national hit, to global hit. Why not start out with a bank that thinks your business has the potential to achieve global success?


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