Choose Your Winter Part I

When we think of the upcoming frigid weather, going out of the house, let alone working out seems like the last thing that we want to do. But with Nike’s new “Choose Your Winter” campaign, Nike is teaming up with famous athletes including football stars Aaron Rodgers and Jordy Nelson and soccer players Clint Dempsey and Brad Evans, figure skater Gracie Gold, middle distance runner Mary Cain and snowboarder Johnnie Paxson all wearing Nike Hyperwarm and powering through the cold.

The advertisement opens with Chris O’Dowd who amusingly stars as a weatherman of sorts, who hyperbolically describes the effects of the cold on the human body. Throughout the commercial however, we see otherwise on the screen, as we see cold-weather athletes going about their business—with their brains and extremities in full working order. The advertisement aims to prove that ultimately we can do anything despite the weather, especially with the help of Nike’s new and improved winter gear.

Nike says that this is the first part of their installment throughout their winter advertisement. The creative campaign was developed in partnership with Portland-based independent advertising agency, Weiden+Kennedy.

Overall this advertisement was extremely effective in my opinion because it proves that even though we believe we cannot workout because of the weather, Nike provides us with the gear that we need to survive and thrive in the cold.

In the description of the commercial on their YouTube page Nike says, “Every winter, the weather provides easy excuses. With Nike Hyperwarm, all athletes can keep working hard, winning in any conditions.”



Facebook Trying To Keep Up

Facebook has been the juggernaut in the social media world since it has been introduced to the public, but its popularity has been declining.

CaptureThis is true because of other social media outlets. For example, people have the option to get their popular news from Twitter and Instagram. Both of these sites have been approaching Facebook’s database numbers, and are projected to surpass Facebook statically in upcoming years. Due to this fact, Facebook has been making changes to stay “current” and to maintain its competitiveness in the social media world.


One of the methods that have used in the past couple of months is the “super cookies.” This is a click methodology that follows what you are viewing online and then places your recent views on your Facebook page. Well Facebook, to stay competitive, Facebook has taken a page from Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook now puts trending stories on all users home pages. They put the tending stories to the right of the page, just like Twitter, and similar to Instagram, and they allow Facebook users to share the trending stories with friends. In the past couple of months, there has been mixed reviews on these changes. Some feel that it is a “copy-cat” approach to more popular sites, and others have stated that either way they will continue to check Twitter and Instagram more often regardless of the Facebook changes. The majority of users want limited text and more pictures. This is a prime example of why Twitter and Instagram might be the new social media frontrunner. Statistics, databases, click rates and ultimately time will be the true distinction that separates and ranks these social media mediums.

It’s not always sunny at Sony

(Image courtesy of

Sony Pictures has once again been a target. In 2011, Sony was hacked and the Playstation (PS) servers were brought down leaving gamers without access to online gaming for days. Additionally, over 70 million gaming accounts had information stolen. I was one of those who had my password stolen and had to change everything. Sony’s been hacked again, but this time it is Sony Pictures.

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Make the Most of Your Post

Social media is the new wild west for advertisers and brands trying to convey their messages to the millions on each site. Some very loose guidelines have begun to be set by social media sites to dictate how brands can advertiser on their sites, such as the lack of a buy button on Pinterest and the inability to post gifs on Facebook. Marketers have been working around sites restrictions and developing clever new tactics to advertisers to social media users.

One such tactic is the development of e-commerce service, Shoppost. Buying products straight from a post while still on a social media site is restricted, but Shoppost allows marketers to come close enough. With Shoppost marketers can post an item, like a pair of pants, to sites like Facebook and Twitter and then users can choose pants sizes and color in the post, and once they click the shopping cart icon it links the user directly to the stores online checkout page.

Instagram posts have now become shoppable as well. Instead of purchasing an ad on the site companies have begun to utilize the new Like2Buy button developed by Curalate. This new feature allows Instagram users to like a post of a product that they want and then the company sends a confirmation email to buy that product to the user. This may seem intrusive, but the Like2Buy button is actually separate from the normal like option.

A new relatively untapped advertising market has begun to cultivate in Snapchat. The disappearing photo sharing app has allowed for brands like Taco Bell and Acura to announce the launch of new products. Users view these images for a maximum of ten seconds, which peaks their interest and drives them to investigate the new product further. This could also be used to screenshot promotional deals and bring them in-store for discounts.

Brands have also begun advertising in real time on their social media accounts. Live video streams of events or demos the brand is holding are now starting to be used on Facebook. This allows for a simultaneous discussion about the event or demo between the viewing consumers and the brand representatives on the stream.

Gifs, a popular medium for advertisers due to their constant repetitive nature, do not translate well to social media. When a gif is posted it appears as a link that must be clicked on instead of playing automatically, but a solution to the gif problem is here. Recently advertisers have begun creating cinemagraphs, which are still images that have one feature in them animated. This animated portion will continuously run making them repetitive like gifs while creating a brand new medium. If advertisers began utilizing all of these new tricks, social media presence for any brand can be starkly increased.


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Bill Cosby Allegations: Networks Cut off Cosby Cold Turkey: Brand Representation & Reputation

Recent allegations set forth against Bill Cosby have caused major problems, both in the social realm and within corporate communications. Bill Cosby has been accused of rape on a number of occasions, with numerous women coming forward. They are coming forth, however, years after the statutory laws for charging Cosby have expired. While Cosby will not be prosecuted, his credibility and reputation within society will be put on trial. In addition to his own personal brand image, his endorsers are quickly disassociating from him in order to prevent backlash and negative association.


Companies often use spokespersons as role models who extend or embody their principles. By association with Cosby, many of these Networks would be endorsing rapists, thus creating backlash amongst the community. For example, Netflix did not air a Cosby special after the news of rape reports surfaced. In addition, NBC cancelled an upcoming show in development with Cosby in order to prevent negative association. While Cosby is not technically guilty in the court of law, a group of his peers and brave women who have come forward have spoken enough to change the minds of America. This, as a result, has further crystallized Cosby’s newfound reputation as a rapist.


This situation is reminiscent of that with Paula Dean, the famous Food Network star who faced racist allegations. Her sponsors immediately dropped her and dissociated. While the entire incident left Dean without any credibility, it also tarnished the brands’ representations she was associated with.


In this day and age, companies and corporations should be selective in choosing whom to hire or use as spokespersons. They must also prepare a conflict resolution strategy should any crises such as the aforementioned arise. This will ensure corporations can maintain their positive reputations and enforce positive associations for the companies and their stakeholders. What does the Cosby situation mean for his career? Will this be forgotten? Or will networks and companies continue to disassociate?

World Toilet Day Exhibit Focuses on Women and Girls

To celebrate World Toilet Day, Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor paired with the Panos Pictures photo agency to create an exhibit titled My Toilet: Global Stories from Women and Girls. The London-based not-for-profit organization, referred to as WSUP, aimed to share the stories of women from 20 different countries and the lengths they must go to in order to relieve themselves. The exhibit began this Monday and will last for six days, featuring women and girls photographed alongside her version of a “toilet,” describing the difficulties that come with it.

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.18.35 PM

Access to clean, safe toilets is a luxury that we barely even think about in our daily lives. However, for these women and girls, the lack of a proper toilet can mean traveling exhausting distances, putting themselves in harm’s way, and being exposed to health risks.

Over the summer in India, two girls using a field as a toilet were gang-raped and murdered.

Other women and girls feel that they have to wait until dark to search for a private place to relieve themselves, increasing the risk for urinary tract infections, constipation and mental stress.

Sam Drabble of WSUP says, “The exhibit is designed to give a sense of the global nature of this problem and the universality of the subject.”

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 8.18.23 PM

While we probably rarely think about access to public and private restrooms, one in every ten girls in Africa skips school during her menstruation or drops out of school completely once menstruation begins.

Until reading this article on NPR, I had hardly thought about the different struggles females might have to go through in order to gain access to toilets, so I think the WSUP is successfully raising awareness for a cause that lacks the attention it needs.

However, should more be done to help these women and girls than photographing them?




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Tiger Woods Responds to Satirical Fake Interview

Tiger Woods recently had an article written about him in Golf Digest titled“My (Fake) Interview with Tiger.” by Dan Jenkins. Emphasis on the fake. In the article there are humorous response by “Tiger” poking fun at his scandalous life and alleged aloof, unaware characteristics. Although the article can be slightly offensive to the party it’s making fun of it is nothing that is career ruining. The article ran as a small blurb in a magazine that some people would read and then move on from and it really would have lived a short life if it had not been for the outraged response from Tiger Woods. Clearly, it bruised his ego and his rebuttal response is what got everyone talking about the article, in turn doing exactly the opposite of what he wanted.


This is a perfect example of the Streisand Effect, very common in the public relations field. The Streisand Effect is when someone draws attention to someone or something by trying to discredit the source and in turn ultimately brings more attention to it. Tiger Woods response is published in Players Tribune and titled “Not True, Not Funny”. Here are some pieces from his published rebuttal statement:

“Apparently I’m a humorous automaton who doesn’t understand satire… Journalistically and ethically, can you sink any lower?…I like to think I have a good sense of humor,” Woods continues, “and that I’m more than willing to laugh at myself.”

He also calls Jenkins’ piece “a grudge-fueled piece of character assassination.”

Woods’ piece ends with the following paragraph:

“My representatives and I asked Golf Digest for an explanation, some reason for what I think is journalistically wrong and a pretty cheap shot. Digest responded by saying it was Dan’s humor, and they didn’t think it was unfair or they wouldn’t have run it. Those aren’t great answers.”

It is unfortunate that his golf career is in a downward trend but this was the worst way he could have handled this article. What do you think Tiger should have done to handle this public relations scandal? Although, Tiger is not the best when it comes to handling scandals as we have seen proof of from the sex scandal of 09′. I do hope that he comes back from the huge rift he has seen in his golf career. In the end when it comes to scandals and ruining his public image there is no one to blame but himself.